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Paving Services: Signs Your Parking Lot Needs to be Repaved

Paving done on a parking lot

Did you know that the first graded road in Canada came in 1606 when Samuel de Champlain built a 16 km military road from Port-Royal to Digby Cape, Nova Scotia? Before that, indigenous folks and settlers used waterways and rivers as roadways.

Nowadays, the scenario is quite different with asphalt paving available all over, not only on roads, but also in parking lots, driveways, and more. So how do you know when you need paving services to rejuvenate and renew your paved surfaces? Keep reading the article to find out more.


Fading or Illegal Striping

If it's been a long while since you last used asphalt paving services for your parking lot, then it might be time you fixed that. You will notice that the stripping in your parking lot might have faded so much that it's barely visible anymore.

Also, the road rules might have changed quite a bit since you last got your parking lot paved, and that means your striping if still visible might be illegal. This means that you need to get your parking lot repaved.


Potholes and Sunken Areas

This is a clear sign that your parking lot needs repaving. Not only does it look unsightly when there are potholes and sunken areas in your parking lot, but it's also dangerous for drivers if they aren't paying attention.

You could be ruining your business image by having potholes in your parking lot. And you might even get sued for damages if someone's car gets damaged when driving in your parking lot due to the potholes.


Improper Drainage

Do you notice that your parking lot has huge puddles after a bout of rain? And it doesn't seem to drain away no matter what?

This is a sign that the asphalt in your parking lot has become uneven, which results in improper drainage.


Alligator Cracks

This is a distinctive sign that your asphalt has been under too much stress over the past few years and needs repaving. Essentially, your asphalt parking lot has started to look like the skin of an alligator. Maybe your previous asphalt paving service didn't do a good enough job or perhaps you have had more traffic running through the parking lot than you imagined.

If you see alligator cracks, you need to call asphalt paving services right away to repave your parking lot and do any needed repair work.

Paving Services - Do You See the Signs?

If you haven't hired paving services in a long while, then there's no need for you to wait and search for the signs. Asphalt parking lots aren't supposed to last forever. They have a lifespan as well, which depends on various factors but is usually around 4-5 years.

Located in Belleville, Kingston, or the surrounding areas? Request a free estimate from Pave-Core Paving Inc. for all your parking lot paving needs, like asphalt paving, recycled asphalt, roadwork, resurfacing, and more.


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