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Asphalt Maintenance in Kingston, Belleville & Trenton 

Newly paved asphalt needs to be treated with care. Especially during the long, hot days of summer, new asphalt can be easy to damage. Here, Pave-Core Paving Inc offers several tips on how to avoid damaging your new asphalt drive, parking lot, or road. You find several dos and don’ts on what can be placed on your new asphalt. Check out the diagram below for more information or call us for further tips on asphalt maintenance in Kingston, Belleville and surrounding areas.

Protect Your New Asphalt Especially in the Hot Summer

We have taken some time out of our busy schedules and listed a few dos and don’ts to protect your new asphalt surface from damage. Take a look:


Rest ladder supports on a block of wood to prevent indents in your new asphalt.
Put a wooden block under the kickstand of your motorcycle.
When parking any kind of trailer on your driveway, make sure the trailer hitch is supported on a good size block of wood.


Asphalt sealer shouldn’t be used on new asphalt. Wait for at least 3 months.
Do not turn the wheels when your vehicle is in a stopped position.
Avoid fast stops and starts when driving as it can ruin your new asphalt.

Signs Your Asphalt Requires Maintenance

Asphalt cracks on your driveway or roads can take place in a variety of different ways. Here are some common examples of asphalt cracking and signs that your asphalt requires maintenance and fixing.

Alligator crack: An alligator crack is one of the significant asphalt defects you will discover. This can emerge because of substantial traffic joined by structural failure

Block crack: These breaks typically seem like rough inter-connected rectangles. These cracks arise because of poor paving. Block cracks generally occur because of a formation of a dry mixture or maturing dried out asphalt.

Longitudinal crack: Just like the name, these cracks are longitudinal. These cracks are formed parallel to the centerline of the pavements. These cracks generally occur due to reflective cracking, pavement fatigue, poor composition at joints or asphalt shrinkage due to low temperatures.

There are many such signs of cracks along with potholes that signal that your asphalt urgently requires maintenance and fixing.  If you ever see these signs, contact Pave-Core Paving Inc to get your asphalt maintenance and repairs completed.


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Damaged roads and driveways degrade your property’s appearance. Regular repair and maintenance of asphalt can help you avoid the costs of getting your driveway completely replaced.

At Pave-Core Paving Inc, we specialize in maintaining and repairing asphalt. Contact us for asphalt repair and maintenance services in Kingston, Belleville, Trenton and the surrounding areas.

Asphalt Maintenance in Kingston, Belleville & Trenton

Get the best asphalt maintenance services from Pave-Core Paving Inc. 

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